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Dainikbhor is 30 years old newspaper providing relevant news to the readers in three major cities i.e. Jaipur, Ganganagar and Delhi. Dainkbohor is working with PalServices to build next generation online platform for facilitating and consumption of local news. PalServices is more than 5 years old software product development company with professionals working from India and Europe building successful products for domains likes education, healthcare and online media.

Dainikbhor online platform is a result of collaboration of thirty years of news making and professionals with best web development knowledge. The result is a destination site that provides local information starting from local news, events, photos, videos, restaurant suggestions, etc. Dainikbhor online platform is compatible with smartphones which further increases the reach by providing information on millions of devices.

This platform will also provide unique opportunity to advertisers to reach millions audiences and further increase effectiveness by ability to select audiences for conveying their message. Moreover professional from Dainikbhor will help local business with IT knowledge for full advantage of online marketing and brand building.

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